Posted by: cjobrien | 12 August 2011

Texas: Hows that “Personal God” Working Out?

“Right now our water towers have no water in them at all,” said Mayor Donald Kile. “According to the weather forecast we got no relief coming. We’re believing and we’re praying for rain.

Of course, it WILL eventually rain substantially in north Texas again..and those convinced of a god who acts in the every day affairs of humans will rejoice in verification of their convictions. Of course it’s a little like praying for light at midnight and then rejoicing in divine intervention at the dawn.


  1. We just got rain! It must be working… come on everybody… pray harder!

    (they must not have prayed hard enough because it only rained for a few minutes)

  2. Praying is very helpful indeed to spend time … in vain.

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