Posted by: cjobrien | 20 February 2008

Deleted Blog

 According to the listserv this morning Jim West’s blog has been deleted, apparently by someone who gained access via unscrupulous methods. Jim’s blog has been (and hopefully will be again) one of my favorite blogs. He is one of the few authors I have encountered who consistently (and correctly, in my view) separates theology from archaeology in studies of biblical history. I hope he gets back up and running soon.



  1. I don’t have a contact address from him, but I assume he knows it’s still in Google’s cache. Nonetheless reconstructing it from that will be a massive task.

  2. Thanks Alun – a couple of people on the listserv recommended that as well, although like you point out, it would be a huge undertaking. Jim doesn’t seem too enthusiastic about resurrecting the blog at the moment, but that might change (hopefully).
    Thanks again!

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