Posted by: cjobrien | 2 January 2011

A Good Blog Site To Visit

I really wish I had discovered Dr. Robert Cargill sooner. Between Cargill, Bart Erhman, James McGrath and Eric Cline, it would almost be worth going back to school for a second doctorate in religious history, near eastern studies or something along those lines (I say almost only because we have one in college and one about to go – not sure my wife would appreciate me taking up a new endeavor at the moment!).

Cargill, like Cline and McGrath, often writes about one of those areas (like creationism) that really sets me off – the parasitic use of archaeology by “biblical archaeologists”. I have written on the theme of how fundamentalists have really cannibalized archaeology in the Mid-East in order to further their narrow view of biblical history. In the process they have lessened the integrity of biblical archaeology to such a degree that one has to almost automatically question any new discovery that purportedly relates to the archaeology of the bible. I have even had to debunk the archaeology claims of famous creationists such as Carl Baugh who visited our small, conservative town here in Lassen County thinking he had a free shot at peddling the usual falsehoods. He didn’t.

I look forward to reading more on Dr. Cargill’s site.

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