Posted by: cjobrien | 31 January 2010

A Tea Bagger By Any Other Name…

A very funny video instructing you how to speak “Teabag” has prompted death threats from the “enlightened” populist Tea Party movement. Interestingly, I was listening to an NPR political talk program just a day or two ago and I heard a conservative caller berate the panel for use of the word “tea bagger” as a pejorative label that should not be used. Excuse me? Attend any tea bagger rally and tell me the participants are not walking testaments to the God of Pejorative Labels! Read any intelligent design website and tell me the constant use of “Darwinist” is not meant as a pejorative. I have every intention of continuing to use the phrase “tea bagger” as a descriptive term for these people. Once their vocabulary extends beyond “socialist”, “communist” and “Nazi” I might re-think my use of the term.


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