Posted by: cjobrien | 23 January 2010

Soldiers for Christ…or Terrorists?

There has been a lot of discussion lately in the blogosphere regarding Trijicon’s practice of inscribing bible references on weapon sights used by our military. There is so much that is disturbing about this practice, but Ed Brayton reports on why this issue is so important. The bottom line is that we soldiers in our military who envision themselves as “soldiers of Christ”, not as representatives of the US nor as defenders of the constitution.

The NCO described in this letter is a vile human being. It is difficult to envision this person as a representative of our military. He simply lacks the integrity and humanity necessary to be considered part of the human race. If this is the real face of Christianity, then the Christian religion is a morally bankrupt doctrine. If this is the face of our military, then we as a nation and others around the world, have much to fear. This man, and others like him in the military, poses the same threat to liberty as Islamic terrorists. These men are terrorists; they wield their personal belief as a weapon and feel free to pass personal judgment on any and all with whom they disagree, using whatever means are at their disposal.

I know there are good men and women in the military, probably most of the military. But the very existence of an NCO like this is an affront to human decency. This man is also a coward. He hides behind his uniform, a code of conduct and threat of military discipline to those who challenge him – especially those of lower rank. Without those safeguards I doubt he would have the courage to issue such verbal assaults. I’d like to see him try – with the same men who were forced to stand by and take the assault. My bet is that this “soldier of Christ” would bleed profusely if you punched him in the face. 

The more I hear of stories like this, the less respect I have for the military in general. I have usually made an effort to attend some kind of veteran event from time to time, but the constant news of Christianist influence in the military has made it more difficult to support our military in a public event.  I stopped attending our local Veteran’s Day events here in Susanville long ago – and with good reason: I understand this year’s Veteran’s Day parade was co-opted by the local Teabagger group who displayed signs disrespectful of president Obama.

The first thing I did upon reading this is join Mikey Weinstein’s Military Religious Freedom Foundation. I also made a vow not to buy Trijicon sights for any of my personal weapons (which is too bad…I’ve done some research and the Trijicon sights are very good – but so are many others, made by smaller companies who don’t have huge Defense Department contracts).

Update: I understand Trijicon has backed down and will no longer provide sights with biblical inscriptions. They are also offering kits for those who wish to remove the offending inscription. Fine, but I still don’t think I’m going to buy Trijicon…



  1. I too followed this story and posted it on my frontpage-

    Too me it just shows how incompetent our government officials are in Washington. How could they miss such a PR bombshell? But hey, they missed 911 too.

    Now that it has been brought to their attention, of course they rectify the situation-bureaucratic morons. I’m sure no heads will roll.

    Now for the good news. I saw Avatar a few weeks ago. The sold out audience gave it loud applause at the end when the US forces were defeated. This in a blue collar movie theater in Rockford, IL. What does that tell you about the mood of the country?

    There is hope. War what is is good for. Absolutely nothing.

    peace out,


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