Posted by: cjobrien | 20 January 2010

Wake Up!!

Yes, the GOP won in Massachusetts. Quite frankly, I’m somewhat relieved. Yes, I said relieved. I don’t think the Democrats deserved that seat – they didn’t work hard enough for it…and they haven’t worked hard enough since Obama was elected. They have allowed the FOX fembots, Teabaggers, Birthers, corporations and generally a bunch of middle aged, overweight, and intellectually vapid white men and women to run roughshod over them. They have allowed the congressional GOP to pursue a nihilistic agenda (yes I agree with Andrew Sullivan). They have allowed American intellectualism and reason to be pushed aside in favor of an uneducated rabble of peasants with pitchforks who lack the ability to govern anything but their own provincial interests.

The Huffington Post said it best: WAKE UP CALL. I would normally be in favor of Obama’s slow, reasoned approach to solving problems, but Americans no longer respect reason – so don’t give it to them. The Democrats need to get aggressive…better yet, pissed off. The next time some dumbass Republican yells “You Lie” during a congressional session, I want to see a bunch of Democrats stand up and tell that moron to shut his mouth (I wouldn’t mind seeing them walk over and punch him in the head, but let’s not go there….yet). I want to see not just the Democrats, but anyone who sees the teabagging Palinistas as the threat to liberty they truly are, start to get in their face…from the local school board to blogs to the halls of congress.

Progressives are wasting a historic moment by being complacent and accommodating. The gloves need to come off or we can expect  America’s worst nightmare:

President Sarah Palin.



  1. I found you via Aardvarchaeology, and although I share your sentiments (read them aloud to my husband, in fact), I will probably not be able to sleep tonight thanks to your parting comment.

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