Posted by: cjobrien | 30 March 2008

It Was OK While It Lasted…

 You know, every time I begin to feel a little conciliatory toward religion and begin to wonder if I’m not being too hard on its followers; every time I read Henry Neufeld or Jim West or Chris Heard or James McGrath and think, “wow, these guys are reasonable fellows, have great faith, but understand the limits of faith and science – maybe I shouldn’t be so down on religion”; every time I start to maybe find room for a little more spirituality in the world…then…

I go and read something from Denyse O’Leary, and I’m reminded, in brutal fashion, why I left the church in the first place. It just makes me want to lash out and burn a Catholic at the stake!

She’s dishonest, she’s deceitful, she’s unintelligent, she’s self-righteous and she’s self-serving. If she is the epitome of what Christianity should be then I no longer feel guilt at lambasting religion. It deserves it.



  1. Yeah, her suggestion that Darwin’s teachings in some way led the Nazi’s is akin to saying the Jesus teachings in some way led the Crusaders or the Witch Hunters. That dog don’t hunt.

    Religion is the last refuge of scoundrels but….don’t blame that on God. In fact, Jesus made this point about the religious again and again.

  2. Oh, and they killed him for it. Nice blog, btw.

  3. Have you blogged about why you left the church in the first place?

  4. Boy I hope you don’t lump me in with her….


  5. Just keep people like her on your side of the pond, please. Over here, Dawkins aside, there’s a much better relationship between the sciences and theology. Unfortunately the US fundamentalist infection is beginning to spread.

  6. Yes and no Looney…I’ve hinted at it from time to time. Maybe some time I’ll blog about it – my battle to fight, though…Thanks.

  7. Jim – no, of course not! Nor Chris, James or Henry….just blowing off some frustration. Ultimately you guys keep me in check….

  8. Great– and while I’m at it- keep Doug away too… 😉

    Just kidding Doug!

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