Posted by: cjobrien | 30 March 2008

Conservatives and Global Warming: Do They Ever Tire of Being Laughably Wrong?

 From the Daily Kos:

Report Says Climate Change Happening NOW in Western States

Yes it is. And land management agencies like the Forest Service are already assuming that in their long term strategies for coping with drier conditions. Fire, vegetation management, habitat loss, and particularly, water-based recreation will all be seriously affected as global warming continues in the West.

Last February, scientists confirmed — based upon data from 50 years (1950-1999) — that the dramatic decline in snowpack in our western mountains is “caused primarily by human-induced global warming and is not the result of natural variability in weather patterns.”  For decades, scientists have been aware that western hydrology was changing, and people often claimed it was almost a temporary “fit” of Mother Nature that would self correct. Now, these scientists have “found very clearly that global warming has done it, that it is the mechanism that explains the change and that things will be getting worse.”

Yet, conservatives continue to deny the existence of global warming despite events in the world around them:

Those silver-tongued global warming hoaxsters have conned a sheet of Antarctic ice the size of Ireland into going along with their climate change scam. Seriously, do conservatives ever get tired of being laughably wrong, or do they get some kind of sick masochistic kick out of it?



  1. Temperatures have been falling since 1998 and we are entering a Maunder Minimum. The 21rst century will probably be the coldest since the 17th. Oh we Libertarians love being so awesomely right:P

  2. no, they’re not masochistic. they just need to keep making money off of the status quo

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