Posted by: cjobrien | 9 March 2008

Lassen County Primer on Expelled #4 – A Good Website To Visit

 Via Dispatches from the Culture Wars I see that the National Center for Science Education has just put up a website, Expelled Exposed, to offer NCSE’s official response to the intelligent design propaganda movie hitting theatres next month. There are some good resources there if you’re interested in why the movie is so dishonest about evolution and the actual state of academic freedom.  



  1. The New York Times has run TWO lengthy articles negative toward this film…the NEW York Times!!


    Now the NCSE has erected a whole website against it?


    This is an independent film by first-time filmmakers. Why is Big Media AND Big Science ganging up on it like this????

    Doesn’t this seem even a little ODD to anyone?

    The film hasn’t even been released yet!

    Very strange…


  2. Perhaps because the movie is so dishonest about evolution? Or maybe it’s because it’s being dishonest about those who claim to have lost academic positions because of their support for ID. Could it be that they lost their positions (assuming they were even permanent positions in the first place) because, oh, their current appointments were up; or they used deceitful tactics to bypass established rules of publication; or they were, quite frankly, really bad biology teachers; or they lacked a record of obtaining grants for legitimate science projects. If Expelled weren’t such a propoganda hit piece on science I don’t think the academic community would be too worried.

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