Posted by: cjobrien | 2 March 2008

More on FISA

 When you actually read about the efforts to protect Americans, an objective person cannot come to any conclusion other than the Republicans care less about safety than they do about maintaining political control through fear and protecting corporate interests. Democrats (again) offer to extend the Protect America Act and what do Republicans do? They oppose it…again.

The fact is that by renewing the PAA, the Republicans would no longer be able to lie throughout the radio talk show circuit that the Democrats are inhibiting our ability to monitor terrorists. They also don’t like the fact that their corporate buddies might be at risk from lawsuit for violating citizens’ constitutional protections. From Daily Kos: 

And they opposed it again, today. When Reid offered a 30-day extension today under unanimous consent, Republicans objected. Once again, Republicans are asserting their ownership of the rankest hypocrisy and fear-mongering. Not to mention obstructing progress on what’s supposed to be a critical part of our nation’s intelligence and security.

But of course they did this. The Protect AT&T Act is more important to them than protecting America.

That about sums it up: Democrats want to do the right thing and protect America without sacrificing our constitution in the process (the only thing that makes America worth protecting) while the Republicans want to protect AT&T.


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