Posted by: cjobrien | 18 February 2008

I Was Wrong About FISA – I Can See That Now

 Ok, I know I’ve upset some people by agreeing with the Democrats that certain provisions of FISA should have been allowed to lapse because they offered nothing in the way of protection to American citizens but allowed the Republican government to spy on its citizens with no justification. I guess I was wrong. For those of you in Lassen County who might have been offended by my criticism of FISA and now consider me a terrorist and out to destroy America, I have repented and know the error of my ways. And it was all because of this short movie. It showed me why FISA is so important and we should have kept all the provisions that allow Bush to keep tabs on us – it is, after all, only for own good and safety.

Hat tip to Afarensis.



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