Posted by: cjobrien | 9 February 2008

What’s My “God Delusion” Index?

 I took the God Delusion test. Unlike PZ, I did not rank at absolute zero. On the other hand, given the total number of points potentially possible in the test I am statistically no different from zero. The test asks if you can answer yes to a series of questions regarding belief in god/gods. If you can answer “yes” to a question, you get the points; if you cannot answer yes, you can go on and simply receive no points at all. Your total score at the end places you on a range from “0” (which is where PZ fell, so you can guess the level of potential god delusion that means) to greater than 10,000.  I felt very comfortable in not answering yes to almost all questions; but I waffled on the first two:

  • 1) Do you believe that there exists (or may exist) a higher consciousness or a great intelligence that is somehow associated with the entirety of the universe? If you answered yes, give yourself 5 points.
  • 2) Do you believe that a higher consciousness or intelligence may have been involved in the origin of the universe? If you answered yes, give yourself 10 points.

My answer to the first question is less an absolute affirmation than it is a qualified “I don’t know”. Regarding the second question, I hesitated enough that I had to be honest and at least put a temporary “yes”. For those of us slightly over the 0 mark, PZ suggesting watching the accompanying video in his post – it did nothing to firm my answer but it did make me think the world could use a little more natural selection. However, I did throw my Neil de Grasse Tyson Death By Black Hole audio tape on my mp3 player and listened for a bit…I felt more comfortable not affirming Question 2.

With the potential to reach 10,000 points, my total score of 15 (possibly only 5) clearly puts me at the Dawkins end of the god delusion index…but not quite all the way there.


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