Posted by: cjobrien | 6 February 2008

Divine Intervention (In Reverse?)

My heart goes out to the victims of the tornado front that past through many of the southern states during the last couple of days. But I can’t help but ask a question…

Where was God?

It is particularly ironic that many of the fundamentalist mouthpieces who are so quick to invoke God’s wrath when misfortune befalls “non-believers” (particularly if they are for gay rights or are pro-choice) seem to come from the self described, morally upright “Red” states. I simply want to know at what level we can expect God to insert Himself into our daily lives. If God is powerful enough to “save” individuals from certain death during the storms (which I heard invoked more than once on the news), then why wasn’t He powerful enough to stop the tornadoes from happening? Could it be that He sent the tornadoes on purpose because the real sin in His eyes is biblical literalism? Did He send the tornadoes because He’s upset with Ken Ham’s Creation Museum? Is God pissed at Mike Huckabee?

Look, I just want to know at what point God is responsible for things like weather and winning championships, and at what point is there a more realistic answer?



  1. Welcome back.

    You seem to have missed the point regarding God overseeing the tornadoes. What with monitoring the individual players in the Super Bowl and the outcomes on Super Tuesday, it’s obvious that He/She was just too distracted.

    Something you didn’t touch upon was why so many churches were destroyed. Seems counterintuitive doesn’t it?

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