Posted by: cjobrien | 1 February 2008

Watch For Northstate Science on February 6!

It has been some time, but Northstate Science will start posting again on February 6. I’m following the lead of many of my favorite blogs and will be here, using WordPress, instead of the old Northstate Science on Blogger. Stay tuned…



  1. Great! Welcome back.

  2. Looking Good! Glad to see you make the WP move!

    And looking forward to upcoming posts (I need to get off my duff, come to think of it).

  3. Thanks guys! Yeah, Carl – I had been toying with the idea of WordPress (never did get the “read below the fold” thing to work on Blogger) and then when I saw you had made the switch, well….
    Looking forward to getting back to blogging – I’ll try to offer some explanation of my absence…

  4. Awesome! I love WordPress, I’m happy to hear you’ve decided to use it too. Let me know if you need any help.


  5. Welcome back – and just in time for Evolution Weekend 2008! 🙂

  6. James, Kambiz – Thanks for the support! Sorry I’ve been away so long. Kambiz, I may take you up on that offer of help with WordPress.

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